3 Best Looking and Most Protective Motorcycle Riding Jeans with Armor

Getting here and there on a motorcycle is indeed a very efficient and the quickest way to travel. But how do you arrive clean and well-pressed with all the wind, pollution and smoke as you cruise along the street?

The answer is to use protective gear like protective motorcycle riding jeans which built-in armor. This protective apparel will cover your pressed pants to keep dust and dirt at bay. It comes with an extra layer of protection along the seat, hips and knees. Here are our top three picks for the best motorcycle pants with built-in armor.

K Fifty 1 Riding Pant 34 Denim


Made of top quality material

You will be amazed as to how comfortable this denim riding pants will be. The Klim’s Kitty 1 Riding Pant is your rough riding jeans that you can use again and again. The material used to make this pair is abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant and ideal for on the road use. This is heavy-duty Cordura denim made from a nylon/cotton blend. This is stone-washed with a creative whisker treatment.

Protective panels for maximum safety

You get great protection with reinforced Kevlar panels in the side zones. It has D30 EVO hip and knee armor and a PORON XRD impact foam tailbone piece. The knee armor is fully-adjustable so the protective jeans will conform to your body. Now this is not very uncomfortable to wear; it comes with a full-mesh comfort liner with wicking polyester which is comfortable to use.

Easy to wear, easy to clean

And when it comes to cleaning these riding pants, you won’t have to deal with special cleaning methods and products. You can simply throw this inside your washer and clean it with your favorite laundry soap.


  • Made with Cordura denim
  • With Kevlar panel side zones, hip and adjustable knee armor
  • With tailbone armor
  • With 5 exterior pockets
  • With full mesh comfort liner


Problem’s with sizing

ScorpionExo Covert Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants


Cool design with top protection

If you ride motorcycles then the ScorpionExo Covert Jeans Motorcycle Pants is going to be your favorite apparel. This is high-end jeans with great features that can protect your hips, knees and your legs. This is a fashion statement with the traditional 5-pocket design. This is heavy denim that comes with an indigo wash.

Abrasion Resistant material

To protect you as you ride, this pair of protective pants comes with an Abrasion Resistant Fiber lining that was made from DuPont Kevlar. This will ensure that you are free from scrapes and scratches as you ride your motorcycle on the road or on the racetrack. This also has knee armor pockets which will also provide added protection. But don’t get us wrong, this pair is as comfortable as these can be. This is protective attire but at the same time a fashion forward apparel for anyone who does not want to sacrifice good looks. This will surely provide you with good protection on the road and off the road as well.

Cleaning is quick and easy

How to clean this motorcycle pants? Soon enough you need to completely clean this pair after it is exposed from dust, dirt, mud and grime on the road. Just wash this with ordinary soap and water using your washer and dryer. When you are done, you can use this to ride your motorcycle again.


  • High-end jeans
  • With traditional 5-pocket design
  • Made from heavy denim
  • Abrasion resistant fiber lining from DuPont Kevlar
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Problems with sizing

CG-Street & Steel Oakland Jeans


Traditional & rugged

The CG-Street & Steel Oakland Jeans is a pair of traditional –style jeans that will surely make you take notice. If you love to ride your motorcycle or just love to wear rugged and protective apparel anywhere you wish to go. This has woven stretch denim to improve comfort especially when you are riding. It can get too hot and too uncomfortable to ride in ordinary pairs of jeans. This has a boot leg cut however it still feel snug and perfect to wear no matter where you need to be because these do not drag to the ground.

Comfort on the road, guaranteed

This is a comfortable pair for riding with longer 33.5” inseam. For improved protection, this pair was made from reinforced heat and tear-resistant fabric. This is very important since a motorcycle could be quite hot especially when you are riding for a long time. And of course, it also has removable C. E. knee pads so you can wear this comfortably as an ordinary pair of jeans. You can easily place the knee pads back when you are ready to ride again.

Wash and wear

It is very easy to clean this piece of apparel. You don’t have to use a special chemical or a special cleaning solution to clean this pair of pants. Just drop it in your washing machine and voila. You are ready to ride after it is done.

  • Made of woven stretch denim
  • With a boot leg cut
  • With reinforced heat and tear-resistant fabric
  • With removable C. E. pads
  • Easy to clean


  • Problems with sizing


Riding a motorcycle is not as easy as you may think. It’s hot, uncomfortable and can lead to accidents and mishaps if you are not careful. Yet there are people who still ride bikes for the thrill and also because they understand safety when riding especially on the road.

Safety when riding a motorcycle is all about using the ideal protective equipment and protective gear and one of this is using motorcycle riding jeans. Riding jeans are made from tough materials with special attention to the knees, legs and inseam because these are the most vulnerable.

There are so many types of protective motorcycle pants. You will find pants made from different thick yet comfortable materials. Still there are pants available in different styles, color, designs and sizes. Sizing is the most important and the most overlooked as well. Ensuring that the motorcycle pants you purchase is your ideal size should always be your first priority otherwise the pants would just be another wasteful purchase. So shop smart and stay safe on the road with the best protective motorcycle riding apparel.